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Introducing Benjamin Jackson, and his Comedy Hypnotist Show


Benjamin was born and raised In Washington DC. From his earliest days, he was an entertainer, acting in school plays during his years in elementary school. At age 13 he began working as a salesman, and performer in the country’s first juggling store a few blocks from the White House.  There he demonstrated various juggling props as a way to encourage customers and boost sales. Along with his mother and great grandmother, he often visited circuses which was his favorite thing to do. He loved the lights, the music, and he really admired the powerful sound of the ringmaster’s announcing voice.

In 1994 at the age of 16 he knew he wanted to be in show business whether it was traveling on the amusement park circuit or with the circus. At first he worked at Adventure World in Largo MD where he was the operator of the comedy Fool the Guesser game where he would guess the ages, and weights of passers-by.  This allowed him to talk on a microphone constantly and act as a comedian to the guests of the park who walked by or engaged in playing the game. In 1996 he began traveling with a carnival where he managed the Music Video Funhouse; this taught him sound and lighting techniques, and with his love of music this was the perfect job for him.

In 2001 he met a comedy hypnotist at the Coastal Carolina Fair in Charleston SC, and fell in love with the art of comedy hypnosis. Working with the cameraman, he did a surprise opening announcement for one of the hypnotist shows. At the end of the show he was thanked and was called the Golden Voice, and the two became close friends.

In 2007 Benjamin left the carnival and began traveling with a circus where he started off as the ringmaster. Finally he had found his favorite job as the voice of the show. The crowd loved his style and his powerful baritone voice in the circus ring. A few years later, with his own Fool the Guesser games he began traveling with the carnival again doing fairs all across the country. He also worked with his friend hypnotist Steve Bayner as his cameraman, handling the sound and lighting for Steve’s adult comedy hypnosis shows. He began to observe Steve’s every move while asking questions, and learning as much as he could about the art of hypnosis.

Finally In 2017 Steve discussed with him that he was getting ready to retire, and immediately he asked Steve how could he become a hypnotist. Steve gave him a book that he read and studied long hours, and so Benjamin finished up with some additional expert training and developed into what he is today: the Comedy Hypnotist known as Benjamin Jackson.

Is a true performer and gracious host, this talented Stage Hypnotist combines music, audience participation and comedy to create a whole lot of fun and laughter.

The Benjamin Jackson Hypnotist Show aims to use a style that is high-energy, refreshing and suitable for all ages to enjoy. When you hire the Benjamin Jackson Hypnotist Show walk in prepared to be entertained, but when you leave, you’ll be amazed by the experience. 

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